I have had the great privilege of working with Ann, as the master facilitator and designer for key international clients at a global training consultancy we both work with. Her design and development skills are flawless and best in class. Any program she creates is turnkey, plus elegantly written, making my job so delightful and easy.

Our clients have complete trust in Ann as she partners with them to fully understand their organization, culture, industry, business, leadership needs and challenges ensuring her international faculty are well informed and prepared so clear and consistent messaging is delivered worldwide.

Adding to Ann’s repertoire of talents, she is held in high regard for her engaging, prescriptive, insightful and “brilliant” facilitation style. She receives the highest of scores of satisfaction on participant evaluations, with glowing comments that they love taking her classes, always giving real-life counsel and guidance, and immediately creating a trusting, welcoming learning environment.

Ann is sought out as best in class in all that she does. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Ann will be beyond satisfied and very fortunate. Kate Lalk, Leadership Facilitator Center for Leadership Studies, Performance Impact and Achieve Forum Sparta, New Jersey

“Ann has done some excellent work at Informatica. Most significantly, she has developed a Hiring workshop that blends with our organisational cultural and processes and as a result, delivered a workshop that was very well tailored to our needs. During every step of the process I found Ann to be both highly professional and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation recommending Ann to any organisation looking to utilise the services of a high calibre, independent consultant.”Simon Cooper, Organization Effectiveness, Informatica
“Ann delivered, at very short notice, an excellent training course to the Senior Managers at Accord Healthcare on Conducting Successful Appraisals and Reviews. The feedback from the Managers has been great with most learning about new approaches to appraise their teams, a way to structure their meetings and more importantly, the understanding that they must put prepare in advance. Ann picked up the nature of our business, the different experience levels and delivered in an extremely engaging way.” David De Mello European HR Business Partner at Accord Healthcare
“Ann has been committed to creating a bespoke training programme which has been well received and referred to by one of the Directors as the best training course they had attended. She is professional, insightful, collaborative and pragmatic”. Judith Beale, Director Human Resources at Carl Zeiss Vision UK Ltd
“Ann is great to work with. She understands client learning and development needs from a strategic point of view, possesses superb planning skills as a faculty lead and delivers training solutions which are impactful and effective, supported by excellent interpersonal and communication skills. She is creative and thorough in her approach to design solutions and delivers excellent results consistently.” Kerri Ward, Project Manager, Hemsley Fraser
“I have known Ann for quite a while as a trainer and partner for leadership topics. She is an excellent program designer, catering perfectly to the needs of the audience. When it comes to training delivery, she is extremely inspiring and motivating with her fresh approach and winning personality. Working with her is not only effective but fun.” Wolfgang Hofmann, Head of Development and Training EMEA, Buhler Group
“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Ann as a chief coordinator in the frame of a global leadership project. She is highly professional and proactive. She understands client learning and development needs from a strategic point of view, creates powerful programs and is very collaborative with the team. Working together is a pleasure, I do not hesitate to recommend her” Monica Queralt, Executive Coach and Trainer, Know-How Training
“Ann is everything I want in a training consultant. Reliable, flexible, thorough, proactive, and good to work with – always resulting in a happy customer.”Damian Briggs, Account Manager, Hemsley Fraser

Recent delegate feedback:

“I had a great experience with Ann in the leadership program she conducted. She was able to help each student take abstract concepts and learn how to translate them into concrete, real world steps toward self-improvement. I would definitely take another course if she was leading it.”

“Ann was really great in ensuring conversations were meaningful but also ensuring that the content was covered in the short time we had”

”Outstanding. Ann was one of the best trainers I have ever encountered. Great at managing the group, sensitive to the issues people experience”

“Well informed on the topic and the company. Approachable and engaging”

“Great course leader. Gave me loads of confidence to improve my management skills”

“Outstanding. Wish I had experienced this years ago. Ann was very easy to understand and to talk to”

“Ann’s delivery was outstanding; I will take a lot away from today. She made the day enjoyable”

“Ann is very approachable and has a good understanding of people. Never got bored once; the day went so quickly and I learnt so much”

“Very good at making us feel at ease and tackle uncomfortable scenarios; helped me think about things differently”

“Great versatility with a diverse group”

“Thought provoking, professional and knowledgeable. Brought the group together”

“Ann directed the course well and ensured that all were both engaged and challenged throughout the day”

“Outstanding. Very relevant. We could relate every part of it with real time situations. Could really facilitate the session to get maximum out of every participant”

“Outstanding. Extremely observant and gives feedback which is helpful”

“Outstanding. Able to clearly connect all models and leadership styles to our day to day working style, and focusing on picking up on strengths”

“Outstanding. Fantastic eye opener on a few areas”

“Ann is warm and encouraging. She is good at mediating, and giving all an opportunity to speak”

“Ann had an engaging manner and made sure that everyone in the group participated and felt they were listened to”